Fraunhofer IVVThe Fraunhofer Institut IVV is specialized in process development for the patented CreaSolv® Process, a solvent-based recycling process.Where other common separation technologies fail are the challenges for this technique:

  • Plastic waste streams
  • Plastic-plastic compound waste streams
  • Plastic-metal compound waste streams

The separation of impurities embedded in polymers, like flame retardants, is another area of specialization.

In order to keep development cost as low as possible for interested clients, the development work normally breaks up in three steps:

  1. Feasability study (laoratory scale)
  2. Pilot scale (several 100 kilograms)
  3. Pilot plant (several 100 tons)

2010 technikum ivvIn pilot scale different process steps can be combined in the existing equipment, practically tested and optimized, before moving up to the next scale-up-level. With this approach it is also possible to estimate process and investment cost, allowing for a high confidence level in the decision process. 

2021.10.11 Circular Flooring PlantAs part of the Circular Flooring project, a new CreaSolv® PVC prototype recycling plant is being built on the premises of the Fraunhofer Institute IVV in Freising, Germany. The plant is considered to reach a capacity of 15-20 kg/h and is intended to be used batch-wise rather than on a 24/7 utilization. It includes a dissolution unit for PVC waste, a filtration unit for the polymer solution, a batch or semi-continuous extraction unit and a unit specified for separation of PVC from solvents as well as a drying unit for PVC recyclate.

2022.03.02 LÖMI CreaSolv Demonstration plantSince May 2022, the CreaSolv® Demonstration plant of LÖMI/GAW with a capacity of 25 kg/h is also still available, which was designed for various waste and plastic fractions from different applications for the successfully completed MultiCycle Project.

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