LÖMI GAW GroupLÖMI GmbH has been developing high-quality and innovative process engineering systems since 1991, especially for handling solvents.

LÖMI already contributed these competences to the Poly-Ressource project (2010), that was focusing on the collection and reprocessing of plastic waste streams containing hazardous substances from WEEE and ELV shredder residues using the CreaSolv® Process to separate and reuse legally compliant plastic recyclates.

In 2017, the 1st CreaSolv® Pilot plant for the recycling of multilayer pouch packaging (Sachets) for Unilever was completed at LÖMI in Germany, to be installed in Indonesia in 2018.

LÖMI and the GAW Group entered into a strategic partnership in 2018 to help this technology achieve a global breakthrough. The GAW Group is a group of technology companies operating worldwide with a focus on paper & plastics industry and automation. 

2022.03.02 LÖMI CreaSolv Demonstration plantIn 2019, LÖMI opened a 2nd site in Germany for the construction of the CreaSolv® Pilot plants for the European MultiCycle project, that will run until April 2022.

From May 2022, this CreaSolv® Demonstration plant with a capacity of 25 kg/hour will also be available for customer trials on a larger scale.

LÖMI is a main equipment supplier for the CreaSolv® technology.


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