Together with our cooperation partners we offer a comprehensive service for the development, introduction and assistance for plastic recycling projects.

For polymer producers, recycling goes in line with shrinking sales and energy recovery (incineration) is favored, and if this is also considered for national recycling quotas, the status quo can be maintained.

This is why generally plastic processors (own plastic waste) and recycling companies (mechanical processes with limitations) are interested in the CreaSolv® Process.
OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) also search for solutions, how to separate post-consumer plastic waste from toxic impurities, because mechanical techniques fail and only the incineration is left or the waste ends up illegally in developing countries. 
All interested parties have in common that chemical processing technology does normally not belong to their core competencies or equipment.

Because the entry barrier is therefore high for such interested companies the available support offering covers the complete range from laboratory to the final production process and can be requested according to individual customer needs.