DBU aktuell Nr. 2 / February 2012

Information on Support Activities of the German Environment Foundation

New Recycling Process for Technical Brushes

The innovative Recycling of abrasive filaments for technical brushes, developed by the CreaCycle GmbH (Grevenbroich, Germany in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (IVV) in Freising, Germany offers a considerable environmental relief, combined with a good economic efficiency based on the substitution of raw-materials.


dbu_pa_eng.jpgAbrasive filaments consist of a polyamide carrier material that is filled with abrasive grains made from silicium carbide, diamond or ceramic. During the CreaSolv® Process - that is based on comprehensive preliminary work - the carrier material is dissolved in a non-classified solvent formulation, followed by the separation of the abrasive grains from the solution. This finally yields in high-value abrasive grains and polyamides, both recycled without noteworthy by-products or impurities.  
For the first time the opportunity arises to re-use the highly abrasive process waste of producers of abrasive filaments as well as the scrap of end-users. Alone at the pilot user Hahl Filaments GmbH in Munderkingen, German, the CreaSolv® Process can help to avoid an annual yield loss of 160 tons and in combination with this the release of approximately 900 tons of the greenhouse gas carbondioxide.


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