There exist only few examples for plastic recycling, which allow a re-use in the original applications. For polyester (PET) bottle recycling, this is achieved through the high degree of selection during the collection. In reality the lacking purity of plastic waste streams and/or impurities and additives prevent a high quality level of the recycled plastic.

In such cases the CreaSolv® Process with its high selectivity offers new solutions, which of course make only sense when offering an economical and/or technological advantage, what makes an application for cheap bulk plastics challenging.

Composite systems like plastic/plastic or plastic/metal are widely-used in automotive, sanitary, electro(nic) and packaging industry, to name only a few. In the case of metal composites one is only interested in the recovery of the metals and in packaging mechanical recycling normally fails with combinations of different plastics.

The CreaSolv® Process - The solution for unsolvable problems.