CreaSolv® Pilot plant for Packaging & Automotive Compounds – MultiCycle Project

Less than 1/3 of plastic packaging waste is currently recycled due to technological and 2018.11. MultiCycle graphic economic limitations, thus considering plastic as a single use commodity and the waste as a (financial) burden instead of a “resource”. In its new “Plastic Strategy1)” the European Commission set out a vision that includes cost-effective recycling, larger recycling capacities and a more integrated plastic value chain. The MultiCycle2) project is aimed at stopping resource depletion, land-filling and incineration in regards to plastic waste streams of the packaging and automotive sector. It will start on 1 November 2018 and last until 31 October 2021.

2018.11 WRAP 02 pack.wasteMultiCycle is based on the CreaSolv® Process, which will be taken to pilot scale and digitized for industrial readiness. Pure plastics and fibres from mixed waste streams will be recovered without downgrading and the subsequent processing and formulation of the recycled materials into valuable products will be optimized. The project will evaluate the environmental, social and economic sustainability and techno-economic-environmental feasibility of the proposed developments and make recommendations for future up-scaling. MultiCycle will also produce policy recommendations promoting waste management and resource efficiency improvements for the target packaging and automotive applications:

  • Multilayer Packaging, including films that cannot be recycled cost-effectively to date and altogether account for approximately 50% of plastic packaging (~10 million tons per annum in the EU).
  • Fiber reinforced thermoplastic automotive composites with plastics representing approximately 16% of ELV (End of Life Vehicle) weight (~1 million tons per annum in the EU).

The € 9.7 Million MultiCycle project is supported by € 7.7 Million of EU funding 2018.11 MultiCycle Project awarded under the “CE-SPIRE 10-2018 Efficient recycling processes for plastic containing materials (IA)” call. The project consortium involves 19 partners from 10 countries across Europe and it combines solid science with industrial and commercial involvement across the plastics value chain, and includes research and technology organizations, polymer and fiber producers/recyclers, specialist compounders, manufacturers and converters, along with specialists in life cycle analyses and activities to ensure project dissemination, exploitation and impact3).



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