Bioplastic Waste – SustRecPLA (2014)

Since years the amount and diversity of products made from biobased plastics is continuously increasing, especially in the packaging segment. Actually polylactide (PLA) is the most important biobased polymer on the packaging market and because many2018 DUH Bioplastik Produkte 3 concepts use PLA as composite material or in blends, the recycling of PLA-containing waste streams is very difficult with conventional processes (e.g. re-granulation), if not impossible.

The information of German consumer associations describes the dilemma very explicitly:”Because bioplastics can actually not be recycled and hinder the recycling of other plastics, they should not be placed into the “yellow bag” (for packaging plastics waste) or the recycling bin. The German Environmental Agency actually recommends the disposal via the residual waste. Then bioplastics can at least be incinerated with energy recovery3)“. And even though the term “bio” generally has a positive connotation, the disposal industry over and over again expressed concern, that PLA can disturb the established plastic recycling.

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