Volume reduction factors 3-4 times higher than through grinding can be reached by dissolving EPS in CreaSolv® PS and collection in solution offers additional advantages. Both, grinded as well as compressed EPS can be dissolved easily in CreaSolv® PS and many other plastics or impurities, which are typically present, do not dissolve and can be easily separated.


eps-recyclat.jpgTransportation in solution allows for much easier handling with the polystyrene already dissolved in the required solvent for the CreaSolv® Process.

An EPS collection volume of 1.000.000 m3 with an average density of 6,5 kg/m3 (source: Interseroh AG, Germany) offers a major cost savings opportunity, looking at the potential transportation, handling and storage cost savings. Instead of 10.000 transport movements in “Jumbo”-trucks (approx. 110 m3) one would only need 1.000 transport movements and the CO2 release (Green House Effect) and the traffic on highways would be reduced.

…and this does not include yet the major step forward for recycled polystyrene product quality that the CreaSolv® Process would offers.

Recycled polystyrene from a solvent based process is cleaner and purer than it leaves initial production - regardless whether it came from EPS-packaging part for TVs, insulating material for construction or fish-boxes - and it can be used for new expansion and/or extrusion applications.

Toxic brominated degradation products (flame retardant decomposition in construction EPS) can be separated effectively and collected in concentrated form and directed into existing selective bromine recycling processes.