In order to protect resources and our environment, society needs to develop recycling technologies which convert used plastic materials for re-use at their highest value-adding potential.


Today’s plastic recycling technologies are based on the principles of mechanical separation or thermal treatment, producing recycled polymers of lower quality, thus limiting their re-use in their original applications. One major problem encountered with mechanical technologies is the extraction of processing aids and flame retardants (which often contain toxic decomposition products), even when they are only present in low concentrations. Due to the lack of efficient recycling technologies, large quantities of our plastics still end up in incinerators or landfills after initial use or are exported to the Far-East.


The goal of CreaCycle GmbH is to unleash the value of this unrealized raw-material potential with the CreaSolv® Process - a technology based on physical processes. The polymers only change their physical state from solid to liquid and then back to solid. In simple terms the polymer chains are washed on a molecular level and remain intact, thus allowing re-use in the original applications

CreaSolv Washing machine green EN.